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Wondering about Ruby Cleaning?  Here are frequently asked questions.

Your home will be clean, fresh, and safe with no harsh chemicals or nasty build up from cheap products.

A streak free citrus mopping blend for hardwood, ceramic, and laminate

dawn with 0 dye

athos in every areas: free of chlorine, bleach, and perfumes.

I use natural based products safe for children & pets.

what products do you use?

Within 24 hours, you'll have a custom quote and can schedule your cleanings to fit your family.

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I'll come for a 15 minute walkthrough to tour your home,  see what needs attention, and connect with you.

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sam atkinson

She was tentative to each room, precise in every piece of furniture she cleaned, and the attention to detail was absolutely incredible.  I didn't think I'd ever find someone who would meet my standards. Well, that changed today.

My wife even said, "We need Ruby, forever."

dylan ray broussard

The love she put into our home has put my entire family at ease and if anyone needs someone consistently or even just to help catch up and get right again like us, she is absolutely the person for the job.

"Our family needed a deep clean to catch up us in a trying time."

jami lynn babin

She goes the extra mile to make our home feel so peaceful and fresh. I have heard many stories of cleaning services not meeting expectations, but Ruby exceeded ours.  We have two dogs and a 4 month old and we both work full time, so all the places we didn't even notice needed attention - she made them look brand new.

"Ruby is a professional, precise, cleaning magician."

What Clients are Saying

You'll have a custom quote sent over 24 hours after your initial walkthrough - starting at $160.

What is the Average Investment

I work throughout Lafayette, Youngsville, Broussard, Carencro, and surrounding small towns.

Where do you
travel to?

As soon as you are ready, you’ll receive a list of days with availability. You can choose to stay on the schedule indefinitely!

When can you get started?

 I respect your decision if you need to cancel cleanings or space out your appointments further, but ask for a 72 hour notice!

What is your cancellation policy?

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